We have feelings for… Dune Rats

By February 7, 2013



Dune Rats: ‘Red Light Green Light’
‘Red Light Green Light’ is the smashing new tune from Brissy’s own Dune Rats. Filmed while in the States on their American Death Trip Of Dreams, the boys broke into the Coney Island theme park – who just so happened to be celebrating Halloween at the time. In true Dune Rats style, they got a badass clip out of their crazy shenanigans. Go check it out over on YouTube right this very minute. There’s even a little inside into some of the other crazy stuff they got up to while State-side.

Since releasing that version, the boys decided to make another clip for ‘Red Light Green Light’. Taking DZ Deathrays’ idea for ‘The Mess Up’ the boys made their own ‘green’ version. Take a look at the alternative ‘Red Light Green Light’ clip HERE.