WAAX’s Dunies/WAAVES/Hockey Dad Tour photo diary

By October 5, 2017

No sleep for the wild and no time for the weak, WAAX are giving the middle finger to complacency and capping off an incredibly formative year with the We’re Totally Fucked Tour – a final run of headline live assaults from the five-piece for 2017.

Still celebrating the runaway success of their Wild & Weak EP, the tour follows a standout performance at BIGSOUND, a last minute epic Yours and Owls festival appearance and a huge run of sold out theatre dates with Dune Rats, WAAVES and Hockey Dad. 

WAAX’s Marie DeVita collected some snaps of the band’s personal highlights from the Dune Rats/WAAVES/Hockey Dad tour so far, including a beach trip, new tatts and a trip to Taronga Zoo.
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Zoo day. Our mate and booking agent Katie Rynne doubles as a Taronga Zoo volunteer and showed us around the place. The views were spectacular. Feeling like the ultimate tourists here!


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Backstage at the Forum. Chris and Spew are talking guitar with BC from Dune Rats who’s currently trying to pick up tips where he can. ‘Twas a warm moment.


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Tattoo time. Dunies are without a doubt the best at keeping the good backstage vibes going! They got Shane Wilcox to come to a few shows and tatt everyone up. A good way to make a memory, and worry my mum.


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BBQ HANGS. Show day of our second Forum show we all got together at WAVVES’ hotel and had a shindig. Tom cooked a slice of vegemite toast for our American mates. They said it tasted like gooey Soy Sauce. Accurate.


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Beach trip. After our set at Yours and Owls in Wollongong, we hopped in the van with BC and Ivan Ooze to check out the beach. The water temp was not appetizing to me, but a few of the boys had a dip and froze their nips off.


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