By July 4, 2018


Following Ryder Havdale’s dreamy desert interlude, the Toronto based producer offers his debut solo record: Candy Haven.

The record boasts 10 tracks of ambient, sparse and transient electro beats cradled by propulsive and hypnotic bass rhythms inspired by life in the heart of Europe’s electronic landscape, Berlin, Havdale’s second home-base.

Candy Haven was born among the pines in a cabin built by Havdale’s grandfather on Sproat Lake in British Columbia and finished 4,500 kilometers east in Toronto, Candy Haven‘s creation has been serendipitous from the beginning. In his own words, the producer explains “I had a card system where each card in a deck was assigned to a certain song, and would let the cards dictate which song I’d work with on a particular day. Often I’d shuffle the deck, pick the card and it’d be the song I was already singing when I woke up.”  Candy Haven was polished at Candle Recording with the help of producer Ewan Kay.Happenstance follows the producer everywhere it seems. The video for recent single ‘Good Girls’ took Havdale on a whirlwind adventure through the desert with a woman he met on a whim, shot all on an iPhone “She wanted to go for a drive in the desert, so we did. It was everything it needed to be.”

Candy Haven premiered on Wickedd Childd last week and is available everywhere now.


“‘Good Girls’, is such a summer jam, complete with bouncing synths, looped vocals that will infiltrate your psyche to be on repeat for days on end, and shimmering, warm beats to make you feel a little like you’re defrosting just enough to dance around to this number.”
– Purple Sneakers

“[Good Girls] is dominated by a smart electronic sound flanked by pop and rock’n’roll appeal”
– PopMonitor (Germany)