By October 16, 2018

Soulful LA-based, dream-pop duo RKCB end their relatively quiet 2018 with their first new single of the year called ‘Alone With You Pt. 2’, premiering along with its cinematic music video via Billboard now.

‘Alone With You Pt. 2’ is the second installment to the song and video for ‘Alone, With You’ that was released last year and covered the arc of a relationship throughout three songs. ‘Alone With You Pt. 2’ revisits that relationship, this time from the new perspectives of RKCB’s own Riley Knapp and Casey Barth.

The band explain, “The cloud and oxygen mask imagery represents the quite literal “breath of fresh air” the song expresses in each chorus. We are brought to life when with our partners, we are able to see more clearly; and without them, we feel disoriented and disconnected. The song and video also represent an ever-changing idea of someone, but being connected to them is vital.” 

RKCB - AWY Pt2 lead pic - credit Alex Stoddard

Director Mike O’Brien adds, “Working with Riley and Casey was amazing. I love collaborating with artists who can convey the soul and passion of life through their music. They are the true essence of art and creativity. As a filmmaker, I really enjoy diving into the mind because anything is possible in that realm. Attach symbolism to any idea and BOOM… it becomes real! This allowed me to bring a surreal/abstract vibe to the piece.”

‘Alone With You Pt. 2’ is an essential cut that hauntingly fixates on the piercing distance between two lovers and the longing to reconnect. The synths swirl around their minds, glued together with spectralish “ooo”s and “ahhh”s that seem to tear time and space in equal halves.

Currently playing shows with Australia’s own Flight Facilities in the States, RKCB fuse diverse, modern electronic R&B with avant-garde lyrics, resulting in an utterly unique, unparalleled sound. Accomplished producers and songwriters in their own right, having worked w/ Tinashe, Julia Michaels, Kacy Hill & more, along with over 100 million Spotify streams to their name alone, RKCB is poised to have a break-out year all their own in 2019.

RKCB’s ‘Alone With You’ is OUT NOW.