The Reign From Spain – a quick chat with Carlotta from HINDS

By Ben Preece May 5, 2016

“Hinds are great because of two crucial factors. They have bags of tunes and bags of charm.” – The Guardian.

On-stage, Madrid’s finest export since…., well, arguably ever- HINDS are an excitable bunch. They were here just last year and, between schooners and pots, late night gastronome and extended trips to Bondi, shows were played in dives along the East Coast. A year on, they’ve stayed on the road, booking dates around the globe and playing with greats at Glastonbury, Benicàssim, South by Southwest (where they played 16 shows in four days), Burgerama and Best Kept Secret. Now with a worldwide fanbase, having hundreds of Hinds devotees join them on stage for the rambling, beer soaked hook closing “Davey Crockett” – Hinds have quickly outgrown the gentle steed of their namesake into a fully formed, almighty, heartbreaking beast.

Following on from their much loved and highly rotated EP, Garden, is their long-awaited LP, Leave Me Alone, released in January. Keeping things friendly, the album was produced by Hinds’ companion and often collaborator, Diego Garcia of The Parrots.  It’s a twelve track representation of difference facets of relationships the young women have faced, a sadder but no less of a wild and giddy affair that charmed us in their early days of Deers.

They’re here – they played their first show in Bondi last night and are continuing to sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets are still on sale for Brisbane and Perth – jump on them quicksmart as the band is“excited as fuck” to come back to where it all began. Say g’day to guitarist Carlotta (that’s her second from the left)….


Hello Carlotta, how you doing? Where in the world are you right now?

HI !! I am actually in your country!! We are already in Australia, i’m in a shiny spot of our kinda backyard we have in Sydney. I’m feeling pretty good!

Gosh, we can’t wait to see you in Australia, you’re actually playing right under our office when you hit Brisbane. Having been here before, what is it that you like about us?

Yes last year!! we played in February there and i remember that a huge storm was going on so it was wet and rainy all the time. But the gig was one of the best ones we’ve done!!! IDK why but we felt incredibly comfortable on stage and something like magic happened between us and the crowd… it was amazing !

And anything you missed last time that you want to get across this time?

Mmmmm somebody told me yesterday about an artificial beach that is actually pretty good. I wanna test that…..

Your album – Leave Me Alone – charged out of the gates very early in the year, what was the whole mission statement with this release? What did you wish to accomplish sonically, lyrically, overall?

We just wanted to be born in music history.


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Coming from Spain, and touring as much as you do, what are your favourite places in the world? And what amazing discoveries have you unearthed there?

Look, the more we travel, the more we realize how great Madrid is. <laughs> it sounds like a cliche but i’m not kidding at all! Madrid is open and easy and dirty and so so so nice. But the world is full of beautiful places !!!

We don’t spot rad bands from Spain every day – who else should we check out?

Please!! Then check out Los Nastys and Miqui Brightside and The Parrots !!!

Is there anything else you’d like us Aussies to know before you come down under? Failing that, tell us a joke, an aspiration, a remedy or your favourite recipe….