Asking Asta – the scoop on the Tassie gal ahead of her huge national tour!

By January 12, 2017

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The team at Mucho Bravado had the chance to chat with Asta about her upcoming national tour, being in the studio with Yeo’ and a little insight into her snapchat world.

Hey Asta

What are you up to today? 

Trying to keep cool! It’s really hot so I’ve been hanging out at Coles in the frozen food section.

You’re about to head out on a frickin’ huge National tour. What’s your favourite thing about touring and are there any locations on this run that you’ve never visited before? 

My favourite thing would have to be performing obviously but also meeting and seeing fans before, during and afterwards. I’ve never played in Byron Bay so that’s going to be a treat!

Your new song ‘Shine’ is a real party starter. Honestly, we can’t get it out of our heads. What’s your party starter song you like to put on while you’re getting ready for a big night out? 

Riri has to come on. “What’s My Name” will get me twerking in the backyard.

You’ve been working with Yeo on this new EP. Exciting stuff! How did that come about? 

Yeah he is the coolest!  I like to say it was the universe that put us together but I think it was a bit of emailing and ‘hey I heard you on the radio and love your vibe’ type of thing.

We know he’s a pretty funny guy on social media. Does he crack a lot of jokes in real life? 

He’s super serious in the studio! Very concentrated on making the music but as soon as he gets on a dance floor everybody better move outta tha way! That guy got moves!

Did Yeo write with you on all the songs on the EP? What can you tell us about the rest of it? 

He and another artist Aurelia wrote the main ones but there is a track which I wrote with some guys out of Sydney but Yeo produced all of them.

And finally, we are loving your Snapchat stories lately. What’s your fave Snapchat filter and why? Send us a snap of it?

I don’t use many of the filters but I love the ones with big sunglasses!

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Snapchat Asta – @azzystar13