By November 29, 2016

2016, you’ve been a rough one for the music world, but in the true nature of the industry, passion always prevails, and we’ve been blessed with some real beaut’ tunes this year.

You’ve got your favourite albums from 2016 , we’re sure, but the team at Mucho Bravado want to share their favourites with you too! (Just in case you’ve missed out on a gem, because that’d be tragic).





David Bowie – Blackstar

“I listened to this album the day it came out, front to back, back to front, then front to back again. I was euphoric – it was Bowie in full force, inscrutable and shadowy and innovative, but still raw and truthful. Then the news came and I didn’t listen again for months. When I finally crept back, I could’ve kicked myself – all those little hints. The fact that the album feels even more cathartic than before, instead of simply gut-wrenchingly painful, is a testament to the powerful influence this artist has had on the lives of many, including mine. Vale, Starman.”- Liz @elizabathansleys


Violent Soho – Waco 

“I’ve seen this band live more than any other band this year and for good reason. This album is absolutely, without a doubt my fave of 2016 and this band are incredible. From ‘Like Soda’ and the hilarious accompanying video all the way to the seriousness of ‘Blanket’ and ‘So Sentimental’. These lads should be hella proud of what they’ve created. Crack a Milton Mango guys. You deserve it. ” -Viv @viverama




Glass Animals – How to be a Human Being 

“How to be a Human Being, marks the long awaited return of Glass Animals poignant, melodic and emotive sound. HTBAHB explores nostalgic themes of euphoria and wholeness to engulf listeners into reassuring territory.  I had this baby in my hot little hands the day is was released, and I don’t think I’ve gone a few days without a fix. ‘How to be a Human Being’, when listened with intent, really does give you a guide on existing. Just what 2016 needed! Thanks for the gem, boys!” -Bec @fruitbaboo



NxWorries – Yes Lawd!

“Absolute hangover remedy of the century, I discovered this gem when I was totally perished and trawling spotify one Sunday afternoon. The newest moniker of ripper producer and man of the moment Anderson .Paak, NxWorries definitely brings it. Give ‘Suede’ a spin for some next level healing – yes lawd!!” – Laura @_laura_flynn_

Big Scary – Animal 

I’ve had a big fat band crush on Big Scary for years. It’s almost embarrassing how much I love this band.  Always ambitious, Animal is no different and is cut into four parts, sonically representing an animal’s movements. ‘The Opposite Of Us’ was unavoidable this year and rightfully so, add it to the cannon of BS classics that you need to hear when seeing them live. Elsewhere, the disco thump of ‘Up and Up and Up’, the filthy guitar lick in ‘Lone Bird’ and the six-plus minute opus ‘Over Matter’ are enough highlights for any album. – Ben aka @p.r.e.e.c.e


D.D Dumbo – Utopia Defeated

As the industry’s buzziest cat this year, young Dumbo came out charging with a pair of singles – ‘Walrus’ and ‘Satan’ – that simply couldn’t be ignored. His voice reminisces that of Sting’s and has a creative swag not seen since our old mate Gotye. This guy is definitely in it for the long haul. – Ben @p.r.e.e.c.e 


SOLANGE – A Seat At The Table

The other Knowles sister was arguably only topped by her older sibling this year. A Seat At The Table is just one in an ever-increasing ling of important albums outright addressing #BlackLivesMatter. And it’s such a beautiful, silky-smooth R&B record from the hook of ‘Cranes In The Sky’ to the Sampha-featuring ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’. Boy, wouldn’t you like to be at the Knowles’ for a Christmas sing-along huh?! – Ben aka @p.r.e.e.c.e 


Ngaiire – Blastoma

Ngaiire is already a legend. Watch her show and it will blow your mind – guaranteed. 2016 was the year her recorded material truly emerged. Singles like ‘Once’, ‘Diggin’ and ‘House On A Rock’ are unsurpassable but Blastoma sits together as a piece, one that is topping year end lists and – I’m calling it – will get into the AMP shortlist. Don’t take this artist for granted, she’s one of the most important, talented and inclusive around. – Viv aka @viverama