By September 2, 2016


BIGSOUND – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is also, however, the time of the year that Fortitude Valley unhinges itself to account for the thousands of BIGSOUND punters and delegates. To get the most out of BIGSOUND is to get the most out of the Valley. Which is where the realest homies (the Mucho Squad) come in. We’ve stormed this swanky ‘burb to bring you the most worthy venues, cafes and stores to enhance your time in our humble Brisvegas.


BIGSOUND PRO-TIP: Caffeination is key. Luckily for you, local brewers and breakfast connoisseurs Reverends have you covered. Everything from the fattest cheese toasties to the smoothest flat whites for your early (or late) morn, to a decent array of bevvy’s for when the evenings sneak up a little too fast.

On the very rare occasion that you find yourself with a spare moment, be sure to give Greaser’s newly opened ‘Analogue Gallery’ a squizz. Trust us when we say that you won’t only find a swanky little underground salve from the madness that is BIGSOUND, you can also get a top of the line dive bar whisky. Props to that!

On the topic of art, café/ tattoo studio/ art gallery Lust For Life is sort of like that one friend who’s good at everything. Serving up all kinds of goodness, including quality tatts and chats, this is one Valley venue that won’t disappoint. So whether you go to immortalise your BIGSOUND experience in ink (just kidding… or maybe not?), dull that caffeine headache or soak up the amazing art Brisbane has to offer – Lust For Life is the place to be.


jet black catttttt

We know we promised that this guide to BIGSOUND was going to be Valley focused, but if you’re feeling a venture, head to West End’s Jet Black Cat Music. Run by fearless leader Shannon Logan, this little store has all your vinyl needs. With a diverse, eclectic and incredibly refined taste in vinyl, Shannon brings the goddamn goods, with a couple of cracking in-stores to boot. So pull up, stock up and get involved in one of the best record collections Brisbane has to offer.

After all the gig hopping, beer sipping and festival experiencing you’ve done, you’ll probably be hanging for a mean feed. Believe us when we say that nowhere compares to Wickham Street’s The Vietnamese. That’s right, we’re talking 80’s décor, $10 meals, BYO and the world’s greatest pho. Enough said.