I Know Leopard and Evan Klar take on Rolling Stone’s Live Lodge

By October 9, 2017

I Know Leopard and Evan Klar took on Rolling Stone’s annual Live Lodge this year, performing stunning shows to packed out venues.  Check out I Know Leopard’s performance of latest single, ‘Let Go’ below and some live shots courtesy of Rolling Stone and keep an eye out for footage from Evan Klar’s performance coming soon.


Photos by Carl Neumann via Rolling Stone Australia.

I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017-6 I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017-5 I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017-4 I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017-3 I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017-2 I-Know-Leopard---Rolling-Stone-Live-Lodge-21-Sept-2017