How To: BIGSOUND for beginners

By August 25, 2017

For the uninitiated, BIGSOUND is a four day taste making music industry conference and festival. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to the likes of Flume, Courtney Barnett, Gang of Youths and The Jezabels and expanded our minds to the words and thoughts of Jessica Pickett, Kim Gordon and Peter Garrett.

In my first year, I was naïve in assuming I’d be able to tackle BIGSOUND head on, running on very little sleep and surviving off 3am Maccas runs. Ah, the whimsy of youth. BIGSOUND is a marathon, not a sprint – so here’s some healthy tips to help you navigate the uncharted waters of conference sessions, live showcases and mingling with Australia’s next wave of movers and shakers.

No doubt you’ll find yourself climbing the stairs to catch some amazing live music at The Foundo during your BIGSOUND stint, but make sure to duck into The Foundry Records beforehand. They can kit you out in some groovy band merch, hook you up with the best selection of wax The Valley has to offer and throw together an avo on toast that will blow your mind. Flash your BIGSOUND delegate pass at the Foundry barista crew (or as they’re better known, Foundry’s Angels) and they’ll sling you a cup of life saving elixir for only $2! I’m starting a tab now.


If you’re like me and spend 90% of your life fangin’ for a burg, Lucky Egg at The Brightside will sort you out. Big ups to the Vegi Crispy Burger and the Dorito Popcorn Chicken that have seen me through many-a BIGSOUND pre-live showcase carbo load. Couldn’t have done it without you, LE!

(Taken from Barbara’s Facebook page) 

If you need a break from the usual BIGSOUND fare of beers and vodka, lime and sodas, pop your head into Barbara. Tucked underneath McWhirters on Warner Street, Babs is the perfect place to pull up a pew, order something deliciously fruity off their expansive cocktail list and rejuvenate. The friendly blokes behind the bar are always up for a chat, or if you’re like me and can’t hold a conversation while their expertly curated tunes are bumping, order the Espresso Martini to get yourself through the dreaded Thursday afternoon slump and relax.

Staying well rested during BIGSOUND is a true indicator that you’re not doing it right. Hence, caffeine is key. Reverends will sort you out with velvety smooth long blacks (breakfast of champions), delicious treats from the cabinet and a break from the mania of Brunswick Street. Conveniently located just a block from The Judy, nipping out for a quick pick-me-up between panels is easy peasy.

Friday rolls around way too quickly, so peel yourself off the floor, grab a coffee (or Bloody Mary), say hoo roo to all the new friends you’ve made at BIGSOUND and commit to doing it all again in 2018. See ya on the pavement!