Having A Blast With Ngaiire

By May 27, 2016

Here at Mucho-Bravado, it’s common knowledge that Ngaiire is an absolute kween – those pipes, they’re amazing . Taking a break from slaying stages across the nation, she was gracious enough to answer a few of our curly ones, discussing what’s in the pipes (pun-intended) for 2016 as she prepares to release her debut album Blastoma.

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Ngaiire, my friend, where in the world are you right now?

Hi hi! I’m in Positano, Italy

And what are you doing?

Doing this interview on my balcony surrounded by towering cliffs, the Tyrrhenian Sea and hundreds of beautiful Italian houses build into the cliff faces.



You’re poised on the release of your second album – are you feeling calm about the result right now, at this stage in the process, or is a confusing swirl of emotions inside that mind of yours?

You get to a point where you can’t really panic about what’s going to happen regardless. I had a few episodes where I was quite anxious about it all but you gotta run towards what frightens you, right?

You’ve propped the release up perfectly with the flawless execution of two incredible singles, what secret weapons do you have up your sleeve there for when the album drops?

If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.

Why Blastoma? Does it refer to the cancer?

It’s derived from the name of the cancer I had when I was a kid i.e. ganglioneuroblastoma . I really liked how strong it sounded as a word on its own and I wanted to call the album something that would be a reminder of the importance of revisiting your past to re-learn certain weapons you learned to use in past battles.

From initial inspirations to pivotal moments, what are the keys steps in your career and what/who could you simply not have done without?

I grew up in a 3rd world country so my mum was the type of mum that was about dreaming bigger then the opportunities that were provided in your surroundings. That lay a pretty serious foundation for me in persisting quite relentlessly in music. I also had people like Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown) who gave me the tools to be able to make things happen by myself as an independent artist. I couldn’t do without him. He still mentors me to this day. I’m not sure if there were actual key big steps but I know there were definitely a lot of little steps that contributed to where we are in history right now. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always been certain with where I’ve wanted to go but all those little steps have been the backs of people mentoring, cheering and believing in what I do.



Last time I saw you, you were singing up a storm onstage prior to Sufjan Stevens. Whatta guy huh? Is he truly as chill as he seems? Any backstage secrets you can divulge?

OMG Ben. That tour is still in my body. I can’t shake him and yes he is the epitome of chill. He’s very calm, intelligent, all about creating community around him and he sews! He makes killer draw string pants! GUSH.

So the album comes next, what are your next steps? And ambitions?

I’ve already started writing the next album over this side of the world which I want to elaborate on after the Blastoma tour. I also want to start digging my fingers into the new record label I’ve started – Maximillian Brown.

Thanks heaps for answering these ones, legend – good luck with the coming months.

Thanks B Town!



Sat 11 June | Perisher Peak Fest, Perisher Valley NSW

Fri 17 June | Fat Controller, Adelaide SA

  Sat 18 June | Jack Rabbit Slims | Sydney NSW

Fri 24 June | Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC

  Sat 25 June | Northcote Social, Melbourne, VIC

Fri 2 July | The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD

Fri 8 July | Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, NSW

Sat 9 July | Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT



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