DRUMMERS AREN’T DRONGOS // Ben Stewart from The Sinking Teeth

By April 3, 2014

The Sinking Teeth

Two drummers walk into a bar, which is actually kind of funny, because you would think that the second guy would have seen the first one do it. Ben Stewart from The Sinking Teeth thinks he’s above and beyond the popular stereotype – sure, give us what you got.

So for the good of the drummer’s reputation everywhere, why is the drummer most definitely not a drongo?
I prefer to be called Dr. Ongo in interviews.

And as for you specifically, what makes you so smart?
I’m famous for my digit work. Wink.(Ben is also studying a Business degree. Good for you Ben.)

There are lots of derogatory drummer jokes and misconceptions out there, can you in fact count? Do it for me now (no googling).
I thought this was going to be an interview about gravy. Boring.

Sure, you’re not a drongo but you’re only human right? What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done in the last month?
Dropped acid at Rics Bar and requested Tom Jones.

Do drummers actually make better lovers?
The rumors are indeed true. We lay pipe like centaurs and turn you into soft cheese.

To prove that the drummer isn’t the drongest member of your band, what’s the dumbest thing either Nick (the singer/guitarist) or Jules (the bassist) has achieved recently. Drop them in it.
Nick bought a quiche from muffin break. Only racist old white women are allowed to do that.

Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, Lars Ulrich or other? Why?
Anyone but Lars. Fuck Lars.

Is your personality, in fact, your best form of contraception?
I started this interview with the gift of procreation, but the dull ache of your questions has rendered me infertile. All contraception is now useless to me, you have ruined my life.