WAAX school us on the Do’s and Don’ts of meeting Kim Gordon

By Tom Bloomfield September 5, 2016

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame is coming to speak at BIGSOUND but before she does, she’s playing an intimate Brisbane Festival gig on Tuesday night.Guess who the support band are? Yep, it’s our mates WAAX. They give us some tips on what to do (and what not to do) if you bump into Kim Gordon this week.


DO: Politely introduce yourself and let her know how great she is and what an honour it is to meet her
Don’t: Bound over to her and offer to demonstrate various aussie traditions such as the shoey and the bucket bong




Do: Discuss Madonna
Don’t: Discuss Lana Del Rey (Read her book to get this one)



Do: Inquire about her extensive visual arts history and if she’ll be checking out any exhibits while in Australia
Don’t: Show her the latest LIT meme you made on your phone, no matter how fire it is

lemon and a pear


Do: Ask her what the future holds for her budding solo career
Don’t: Ask when Sonic Youth are getting back together, not cool man



Do: Be a sponge, this is a person who has seen and knows A LOT, learn things
Don’t:  Be a fangirl/boy, chill, she’s a busy one and doesn’t need you drooling over her