By October 16, 2018

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Sydney producer Donatachi returns with new single ‘Precious Metal feat. Rromarin’, premiered viaPurple Sneakers this week, and announces debut EP. 

This latest hyper-colour glimpse into Donatachi’s genre-less utopia features trademark bubblegum production and sugary sweet hooks, this time graced by Rromarin’s distinctive honeyed vocals. Sparkling and intricately layered, ‘Precious Metal‘ is the first cut of Donatachi’s forthcoming debut EP, which will feature a veritable who’s who of Australian future pop voices.

In Donatachi’s own words, ‘Precious Metal’ is “a reaction to a lot of the serious music I was hearing around me. My production has always come from a more playful perspective, it reflects my own attitude about life. Having it in mind that this would be the lead on my first EP, I was thinking more & more about about my place in the world as an artist as well as what I would want to hear as a listener. I wanted to project the uplifting energy of 90’s trance and evoke the sentiments of happy hardcore, the feeling of euphoria despite the chaos of of the beat.” Having admired Rromarin’s work through Kult Kyss, Rromarin’s input is “the perfect blend of thoughtful eccentricity and pop convention that glues the song together and takes it to another level”, says Donatachi.

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According to Rromarin, “‘Precious Metal’ is a song about the beauty and fragility of relationships, and the ease with which we unwittingly destroy the things that we love and treasure the most. I wrote the song at a difficult point in one of my relationships and it is essentially a metaphorical narrative about the situation at the time“.

Having collaborated with the likes of Oh BoyMallrat and Boy Sim, piling up over 1 Million streams on Spotify, and gaining traction through his 2Pop mix tape series, Donatachi consistently proves to have one finger on the trigger for the glistening pop underground of slick club beats and shining international pop weirdos.

Donatachi’s new single ‘Precious Metal feat Rromarin’ is OUT NOW.