Late night chats with WAAX and Kingswood!

By February 23, 2017



Brissy vibe-punk legends WAAX are getting ready to slay the stages with Melbourne rockers, Kingswood during March and April this year for Kingswood’s After Hours, Close To Dawn tour, the bands are playing at fourteen different venues during the five week stint, and from what we can gather from their chat it’s gonna be a good’un!  The crew from WAAX, compiled a few questions surrounding the After Hours, Close To Dawn album for the Kingswood boys, here’s what the Melbournites had to say…


WAAX: The Creepiest place you have been to after hours?

Kingswood: Fortitude Valley


WAAX: Best Kebab you have had close to dawn?

Kingswood: Fortitude Valley


WAAX: Which one of these Dawn’s would you get close to?

A) Dawn Fraser

B) Dawn French

C) Dawn Marie

D) Dawn Ellerbe

Kingswood: French, she’s funny as fuck, has sweet bangs, and likes to party. Ellerbe was second choice, I’d like to go to the Olympics with her and carry her hammers and puts.



WAAX: What’s the best song you’re written in the middle of the night?

Kingswood: It went…”in the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep, from the mountains of faith, to a river so deep…,and so on”


WAAX: What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen as the sun’s come up?

Kingswood: Man, the fucking sun coming up. It’s a ball of gas burning 150 million km away, what is more wild than that.


WAAX: Favourite after hours Bar/Club?

Kingswood: The Black Pearl, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.


WAAX: Would you rather: only be able to sleep between dawn and dusk or, only be able to sleep between dusk and dawn?

Kingswood: Night time you fuckheads…Obvs!!!


WAAX: What inspired the new sound direction for this record?

Kingswood: The beatles, Waax , and Rai Thistlethwaits banger ‘Go Nutz’


WAAX: Dream Rider?

Kingswood: We ask for 4x $20 Bunnings vouchers, when we one day get it, that will be a dream come true!


WAAX: Can we crash at your place when we’re in Melbourne?

Kingswood: Yeah plenty of beds at the Q house, and we just got the bball court sprayed and the half pipe is nearly finished.


The first night of this five week WAAX and Kingswood extravaganza takes place late March, in Victoria – dates and tickets below!