By August 16, 2018



Chakra Efendi shares the visual accompaniment to latest single ‘Grow Up’, shot on Super 8 film by Australian photography powerhouse, Savannah van der Niet (aka Savvy Creative), premiering via Life Without Andy. 

The second studio-recorded single from the prolific Brisbane-based, Sunshine Coast-raised artist is a driving, melancholic slow-burn, ruminating on impending adulthood and leaving behind a youth spent in suburbia. ‘Grow Up‘ follows Chakra Efendi‘s debut single, ‘Waste of Space‘ and sees the artist wading back into the coming-of-age themes of its predecessor. Where ‘Waste of Space’ revels in a shifting adolescent identity, ‘Grow Up‘ reluctantly waves it goodbye. Mulling over the peculiarity but ultimate mundanity of being young, Chakra Efendi says the track is a “a warning to a younger version of myself, isn’t hindsight a killer?”  

Directed, shot and edited by Savannah van der Niet, she explains, “We wanted to convey a relatable experience of youth, especially to a Brisbane audience. I wanted the camera to feel as though it was a friend walking with Chakra and the band, killing time and somewhat aimless.”

18-year-old Chakra Efendi has built a dedicated following in pockets around the globe with his uniquely forthcoming, noise-tinged brand of lo-fi pop, attracting streams of 100K+ on a series of demos on SoundCloud. ‘Grow Up’ and previous single, ‘Waste of Space’ have received strong online and radio support with adds to FBi rotation, play on triple j’s Home & Hosed and Double J. Chakra Efendi’s output of sullen-yet uplifting soundscapes and heavy-lidded lyricism speak of a compelling musical project teetering on the precipice of catching fire.

Chakra Efendi’s latest single ‘Grow Up’ is OUT NOW. 


“There’s a dash of American Football  in the winding, spindly figure that makes up the song’s first half, but the catch-and-release that defines its second half is pure catharsis, never reaching all-out fury but remaining seethingly restrained until its final notes.”

“‘Grow Up’ is part generational up yours and part cold-hard mirror looking. Fully worth getting your ears around.”
–  FBi online

“Jangly, tumbling indie rock with a sure sense of melody, ‘Waste of Space’ recalls early ’80s college rock without sounding derivative.”
– Bandcamp (‘New and Notable’)“Chakra Efendi is clearly intent on showing us he is capable of creating sounds that are well beyond his years.”
– Life Without Andy 

“an absolute charmer, bringing together this lo-fi indie-rock flavour with his soothing vocals to create a single that definitely has the potential to do great things in the current Australian indie-rock world.”
– Pilerats

“Chakra Efendi is an artist to get on board with now.” 
– Laundry Echo

“Being able to encapsulate those feelings into words and translate everything into a song in such a beautiful manner is a rarity for many musicians as young Efendi.”
– Savage Thrills