By July 4, 2018

Andy Ward Deluded Press Pic

Andy Ward shares soaring new single ‘Deluded’, premiering via WildnFree this week. 

Breaking free from major label shackles, Andy Ward returns with galvanising new single, ‘Deluded‘. The anthemic track sees the classically trained vocalist and producer come into his own, reinvigorated and unmasked.

Exploring the inner conflict felt towards his label break, Ward expresses his newfound individuality, independence and freedom. Layered choral vocals and heady percussive elements bloom and ultimately explode into a dynamic soundscape, heralding Andy Ward’s return in multi-dimensional, unrestrained glory.

Andy Ward’s first independent release follows 2017 singles ‘Let Me Down‘, ‘Drinks & Money‘ and ‘Gun Shy‘, receiving triple j play and over 700K Spotify streams. Recouping his creative vision whilst wading through bureaucracy, Ward has also turned his renewed vigueur to support fellow artists, producing for local projects and curating ‘Factory’ – a monthly club night that showcases an eclectic mix of local and interstate music, pairing aural delights with art installations and visual displays. ‘Deluded‘ is testament that Andy Ward’s creative candle is well and truly lit and in no danger of being snuffed again any time soon.

Andy Ward’s ‘Deluded’ is OUT TODAY. 


“The man’s delicate, emotive, powerful tones are pretty hard to forget once they’ve crossed your ears”
– The

“Ward has built an open passage between technology and music so that he can freely roam and pull inspiration from a whole new dimension of auditory amazement.”
– Purple Sneakers

“Haunting, ethereal, lush… These are just some of the words we bandy about when it comes to talking about music, but never have we felt them more than in 2017 than upon first listen of this.”
– Pilerats [‘Let Me Down’]