3 Minutes and 52 Seconds with… Urthboy

By March 7, 2013


He just hung out at the Gold Coast as a part of Bleach* Festival and now he’s currently kicking around the country in support of his album on the Smokey’s Tour – Urthboy surely is a man-about-town. He recently took three minutes and 52 seconds out of his busy schedule to talk to us about Sarah Ferguson, politics and cricket souvenirs.

Who? Urthboy.  What do you do? Try to position myself into a good lifestyle.  City you call home? Sydney.  The best thing about being you right now? I’m in a good lifestyle.  Tea or coffee? Coffee.  Life changing record? A Tribe Called Quest: Low End Theory.  Dream collaboration? My dreams are so random, I wouldn’t trust any of them to come up with someone worthwhile.  What inspires you? Sense of purpose.  If not playing a gig where can we find you? At Elefant Traks HQ.  I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison? Have whatever you’re having.  Best record right now? Frank Ocean: Channel ORANGE.  One song to guarantee a private car sing-along? Michael Jackson: ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’.  Childhood crush? Fiona Horne (Def Fx).  Coolest person you’ve ever met? Sarah Ferguson (4 Corners Journo).  Which band would you die to play for, if not your own? None. Maybe I’m being pretentious but playing for another band is not the slightest bit enticing.  Favourite, quirky possession? Miniature cricket ball souvenir from 1996 World Cup.  Guilty pleasure? Politics.  First gig? Brethren (hip hop group) in Katoomba.  First record? Either John Farnham’s Whispering Jack or Billy Ocean’s Best Of. I can’t remember which came first.  There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing? Frank Ocean, Geto Boys, D’Angelo, Rick James. And Gillian Welsh.  Tell us one odd thing we don’t know?  I like big drinks.  Two minute noodles, Mac & Cheese or baked beans on toast? Noodles.  Worst. Movie. Ever? Kath & Kimderella.  You and the other half are breaking up, which one record do you fight for? It’s a fight for the hard drive.  It’s Christmas Eve – Die Hard or Home Alone? DIE HARD.  What’s on your rider? Usually magic.  Most embarrassing stage moment? Falling over on a piano.  The world’s ending and Denzel Washington is nowhere in sight – what do you do? Complain in the comments section.  Favourite cafe anywhere? I like Little Larder in Brisbane.  If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be? Gene from Bob’s Burgers.  Favourite shower croon? Non-melodic mutterings.  Fantasy dinner party includes…? Amazing food.  Song most likely to get you onto the dance floor? Something slow.  Favourite composition of your own? ‘We Get Around’.  One apprehension about your next release? It has to be written.  What are you doing after answering these questions? Getting a coffee.  Any final words for your adoring fans? Get a life.