3 Minutes and 52 Seconds with Phebe Starr

By intern April 18, 2013


NOT the illegitimate daughter of Ringo Starr (although, she may just tell you that), Sydney sweetheart Phebe Starr has made a name for herself with her damn fine pop music and sweet-as fashion sense (have you seen the clip for her latest track ‘Jurassica’??). She’s currently over in the States doing some super secret things but she’ll be back soon enough to release some more music *fingers crossed!*.

Phebe recently took some time out from watching from watching The Knicks in New York to answer a few hairy questions for us.

Who?  PHEBE STARR.  What do you do? Play alien pop music.  City you call home? Sydney.  Your favourite café in the world? The Healthy Chef – Avalon, Sydney.  I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison? Aloe Vera Juice.  Life changing record? Joni Mitchell: Blue.  Three adjectives to describe yourself?  Phosphenes, smoky, blueberry.  The best thing about being you right now? Aloe Vera Juice.  What inspires you? People.  A silly “Jurassica” question – what’s your favourite dinosaur? Ohhh man this is a hard one…think I’ll have to go with the favourite Raptor.  Do you get a lot of  “Are you related to Ringo?” Yes…and sometimes I don’t deny it.  If not playing a gig where can we find you? Writing music at home, eating out with friends, I love waterslides…  Tell us one odd thing we don’t know? I love waterslides…  What’s on your rider? Water hahaha – so boring!  First album purchased with your own cash? Coldplay: Parachutes – $2 second hand from a garage sale!  First gig? Hilary Duff – no denying it!  Guilty pleasure? Spa baths – LOVE THEM!  Favourite, quirky possession? A lock of my own hair when I was 8.  Which band would you die to play for, if not your own? Bjork.. if she’s included as a band or Fleetwood Mac.  Dream collaboration? Stevie Nicks, David Bowie, Elvis, JOHNNY CASH!!!  There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing? Prince, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Carol King.  Best record right now? One song to guarantee a private car sing-along? This is another strange thing about me but I usually have quiet when I drive… or I play church songs hahaha.  Coolest person you’ve ever met? Michael Chow my keyboard player…  Two minute noodles, Mac & Cheese or baked beans on toast? 2 min noodles or baked beans – I make a mean gourmet baked beans.  Worst. Movie. Ever? I can’t remember I have suppressed the memory…but the BEST movie ever is Fantastic Mr Fox.  You and the other half are breaking up, which one record do you fight for? Easy…I take them all and that’s why we will never break up!  It’s Christmas Eve – Die Hard or Home Alone? Home Alone even though it annoys me…  The world’s ending and Denzel Washington is nowhere in sight – what do you do? Be Denzel Washington.  If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be? Snoopy or Ducky from Land Before Time.  Favourite shower croon? Marriah: ‘I Can’t Live’.  Fantasy dinner party includes…? Roast dinner, amazing wine, salad, cupcakes, fresh pasta, every food ever….wait did you mean people?  Song most likely to get you onto the dance floor? ‘80s diva classics, Whitney all the way!  Favourite composition of your own? A song I may never release called ‘Astronaut’.  One apprehension about your next release? Releasing it!!!  Tell us one secret about your forthcoming EP…. It’s called Zero!  What are you doing after answering these questions? Running to get some food before a meeting!  Any final words for your adoring fans? I adore you too!!! xoxoxo