By intern February 14, 2013


Brooklyn (via Sydney) duo High Highs recently returned to home soils to join the travelling musical circus that is St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. With their debut album Open Season released only a few weeks ago and with people falling in love with it left, right and centre we figured we’d pin them down and get them to answer some very hairy questions. We spent 3 minutes and 52 seconds with singer/guitarist Jack Milas.

Who? My name is Jack.  What do you do? I play guitar and sing in the band High Highs.  City you call home? New York.  The best thing about being you right now? Having our record out and being on tour with the Laneway Festival. It’s been lovely.  Tea or coffee? Both. Life changing record? Steely Dan: Aja.  Dream collaboration? Donald Fagen VS High Highs.  What inspires you? It’s not easy to identify one source of inspiration. It can come from any direction and at any time. One common thing that I find inspiring is movement.  If not playing a gig where can we find you? The sauna.  I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison? I’ve been getting in touch with my roots being on tour in Australia by drinking some VB. If we’re kicking it in new york, an Old Fashioned.  Best record right now? Holy Other: Held.  One song to guarantee a private car sing-along? Seal: ‘Kiss From a Rose’.  Coolest person you’ve ever met? I’d have to say Elton John.  Favourite, quirky possession? It’s not that quirky but my Rhodes piano. It lives in my apartment in New York.  Guilty pleasure? Portugese tarts.  First gig? PJ Harvey.  There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing? Ennio Morricone, Neil Young, Atoms for Peace, Todd Terje, Gillian Welch.  Favourite cafe anywhere? Single Origin Roasters in Sydney.  If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be? Fireman Sam.  Favourite shower croon? Matthew Wilder: ‘Break My Stride’.  Song most likely to get you onto the dance floor? Matthew Wilder: ‘Break My Stride’.  Favourite composition of your own? Currently our song ‘Dey’ that Oli came up with in London.  One apprehension about your next release? We don’t know what the hell it is just yet. But we’re working on it. Oli and I are pretty excited about it at the moment.  What are you doing after answering these questions? I’m on a plane at the moment, so…landing in Sydney. After that I’m getting a taxi to my parents’ house and catching up with them and my pets. Then I might go to Oli’s house for a BBQ with our drummer Sean.  Any final words for your adoring fans?  xoxoxoxoxoxo.