By April 30, 2014


DZ Deathrays are today releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album Black Rat – featuring the infectious track ‘Gina Works At Harts’ which you may have heard spinning on the j’s. We steal 3 minutes and 52 of their seconds time while they’re on the road in the UK to chat about life and…stuff.

Who? Shane

What do you do? Air guitar

City you call home?  Sydney and Brisbane

The best thing about being you right now?  Freshly showered

Tea or coffee?  Coffee

Life changing record?  Limp Bizkit – 3 dollar bill y’all

Dream collaboration?  Johnny Cash

What inspires you?  Coffee

If not playing a gig where can we find you?  In the tour van.

I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison?  Whiskey

Best record right now?  Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

One song to guarantee a private car sing-along?  Boston – ‘More Than A Feeling’

Childhood crush?  Neve Campbell

Coolest person you’ve ever met? In terms of status – Dave Grohl

The most famous number stored in your phone belongs to…?  Arj Barker

Which band would you die to play for, if not your own? Soulwax

Favourite, quirky possession?  Got rid of them all.

Guilty pleasure?  Drugs

First gig?  Jedediah

First record?  AD/DC – Fly On The Wall

There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing?  Anyone who played at ‘My Little Pony’ Convention 2013

Tell us one odd thing we don’t know?  I’m about to get my leg replaced by a golf club.

Two minute noodles, Mac & Cheese or baked beans on toast?  Mac & Cheese

Worst. Movie. Ever?  ‘Delivery Man’

You and the other half are breaking up, which one record do you fight for?  I own them all.

It’s Christmas Eve – Die Hard or Home Alone?  ‘Home Alone’

What’s on your rider?  Booze and gambling requirements.

Most embarrassing stage moment?  Fucking up your own song.

The world’s ending and Denzel Washington is nowhere in sight – what do you do?  Call Liam Neeson.

Favourite cafe anywhere?  Too many

If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be?  Randy

Favourite shower croon?  Peter Andre – ‘Mysterious Girl’

Song most likely to get you onto the dance floor?  Pantera – ‘Walk’

Favourite composition of your own? ‘The Bridge of Night Slave’

Your favourite compliment about the new album so far?  “It’s better than your first one.”

What are you doing after answering these questions?  Driving 5hrs to the next show.

Any final words for your adoring fans?  Hey!