By May 2, 2017


Australian singer-songwriter Dustin Tebbutt kicks off his co-headline Distant Call Tour with Lisa Mitchell next month.  Performing around the country, sharing the same live band and combining their collective energy with a carefully curated set. Dustin Tebbutt was kind enough to answer some questions so we can get to know him a little better.


Hey Dustin, where are you and what are you doing right now?
I’m just on the train heading into Sydney for the weekend. It’s raining a bunch and I’ve started a new book on my kindle, so I’m pretty happy rn.

You’re heading on tour with Lisa Mitchell in June – what a rad collab idea! How did the tour come about?
Yeah! It’s going to be awesome fun. I was actually over in the Netherlands earlier this year with a keys player that plays for both Lisa and I, and he suggested the idea of sharing a band for the run, and it kinda grew from there. It’s going to be awesome to do shared sets, and also hear Lisa’s take on some of my music. She has such a stellar voice.

You’re going to every major city. Is there any destination on this tour you’re particularly keen to play or do you have a favourite destination to visit on tour? If so, why is it your fave?
Ah that’s a hard one, there aren’t really any bad cities in Aus.. I’d say Melbourne always feels like home to me, even though it’s been an age since I lived there, it’s just got something about it.

You recently returned from a sold-out UK and European Winter Tour. Epic. What was your favourite moment from the tour and have you got any travel tips for people looking to head to that region of the world?
It was such a great trip, it’s hard to sum it all up in one moment.. haha. Some of the shows were incredible, and it was the first time I’ve spent any longer than a day in Amsterdam. We were lucky enough to catch a solid amount of snowfall too, so that was pretty special.
Travel wise, I’d say, go the EuroStar.. pay the extra little bit of cash and get a private cabin. The trains are such a cool way to travel, totally stress free and you get to see so much. Also, go to Cocolo Ramen in Kreuzburg.

If you could make a distant call through time and space to anyone dead or alive – who would you call?
If I could, it would be cool to talk to my future self.. I’d certainly like to give my past-self a few heads up with hindsight.. but the future self, that would be sure cool. Hopefully he’s a nice guy. 😉


Distant Call tour dates below.


Tickets available via www.dustintebbutt.com and www.thelisamitchell.com

June 10th | The Factory Theatre, SYDNEY
June 11th | Cambridge Hotel, NEWCASTLE | Early show – 5pm
June 15th | The Triffid, BRISBANE
June 16th | The Great Northern, BYRON BAY
June 17th | Sol Bar, MAROOCHYDORE
June 23rd | Newport Hotel, FREMANTLE
June 24th | Badlands, PERTH
June 30th | Corner Hotel, MELBOURNE
July 1st | The Gov, ADELAIDE