By March 29, 2017


The never conventional, ever inventive Lupa J launches her latest single, ‘Put Me Back Together’ April 11th at Newtown Social Club and it’s set to be a stunner. Her first live performance of the year is also one of the last shows at the venerated venue before it closes its doors for good on April 23.  Get in the loop with our Q&A with Lupa J.


Hey Lupa J, where are you and what are you doing right now?
I’m currently on a train on the way to FBi radio for an interview!

We are SOO excited about your single launch coming up but also sad as it’s one of the last shows at Newtown Social Club before it closes. What are some of your most fond memories of Newtown Social Club? Do you have any favourite shows you’ve been to there?
Newtown social is filled with all kinds of memories for me, it was a key venue for me figuring out how to play live – which makes the fact that it’s going all the more devastating. My first proper show was there, back in 2014 supporting Pepa Knight – & I’ve since played there again and again at every stage of my musical development. Some highlights were supporting Jack Colwell at his Rolling Stone showcase in 2015, Japanese Wallpaper at his all ages show in 2015, Airling at her Rolling Stone show… and then there’s all the shows I’ve been to as an audience member!! Some of my all time favourite live shows went down in that space – Marcus Whale’s killer album launch last year, Rainbow Chan’s album launch, as well as international acts like Majical Cloudz & Frankie Cosmos. It’s just such an intimate yet fantastic sounding space.

Congratulations on making a certified #banger in your new single ‘Put Me Back Together’. How did the song come about?
Hehe, thank you! I actually wrote the melody and some of the lyrics for a collaboration that never worked out, but I thought they were worth keeping so I changed them and produced my own track with them. Because it started out as a collaboration the lyrics are less directly personal than most of my previous songs, they’re more about a pattern I was noticing in both my friends’ & my own experiences with relationships rather than one specific personal experience.

We are HUGE fans of your very unique sense of style. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I’m not really very on top of what’s happening in the fashion world but I do follow a lot of interesting fashion/makeup blogs & Instagrams, I like makeup when it’s used ways it’s not ‘supposed’ to be, & I also pay attention to the style of my various musical icons. I love Grimes’s 2012 shaggy oversized-clothing goth aesthetic, and my current hairstyle is a rip off of Katie Ann Moore’s cropped red hair look in the Alexander Wang show from February last year, which I discovered pics of through a tumblr fashion blog.

You are only 19 but you’ve already been around for a few years with finalist spots in x2 triple j Unearthed High competitions which is super impressive. What advice would you give to young high schoolers wanting to enter the music industry?
I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned is just to make the music you want to make, don’t think too hard about making something that’s radio or blog friendly, don’t try and sound like something just because it’s ‘in’. The sound that is ‘in’ won’t stay relevant for long, the most exciting artists just find their own musical niche and really refine it. And pay attention to the artists that really inspire you & are doing something cool and innovative – the best creative advice I’ve ever been given is not to copy but to steal from your heroes. Take something they do and make it into your own.

We heard that your press pic is a selfie. A KILLER ONE AT THAT. Can you take a selfie for us and send it to us? And also, any tips on taking the perfect selfie?
Haha! I guess it is a selfie of sorts, I just used a tripod with the self timer on our camera. My filmmaker mum takes a lot of the press pics too, but I do feel more relaxed in front of a camera if I’m alone. If the timer’s set to 3 seconds there’s no way it can look too forced, you can’t stand around too long trying to hold an expression / pose. I’m definitely no expert, but in terms of everyday selfies I reckon just don’t take too many and don’t try too hard, keep it quick & natural. I think you shouldn’t do it too often either otherwise you become too conscious of how you look. That’s something I’m still working on – trying to just be in my body rather than looking at it as an outsider. But here’s me all squinty trying to smile in this awful humid sunniness (I think I’m a vampire) on my uni lunch break today!

Lupa J Selfie