By Ben Preece July 6, 2017

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After a career-spanning time in his native Brisbane, producer-extraordinaire MIRO MACKIE has upped and moved to Los Angeles to persue a world of swanky parties, rockstar tantrums and even a bit of work. “What is work for someone like Miro”, you ask? Well, he’s not only a jack of all trades, but also he seems to be hitting his stride as a master of all of them – a producer, a mixer, an engineer and a songwriter. Landing in the city of angels, he set straight to work with friend and mentor Lars Stalfors (from The Mars Volta) on new material for the Cold War Kids, as well as John Hill, the legendary producer for Florence & The Machine, BANKS and more…

We sent Miro a few short, sharpies to answer:

Hey Miro!

You’ve moved to Los Angeles – why the move and how is it going?

After coming here for the first time in 2012 I felt a real connection to LA, the people and the culture. I was also lucky enough to find a mentor here and ever since I’ve wanted to move out to develop my skills as a producer and work with all the incredibly talented people that are around all the time. I’m also quite into food and the scene here is AMAZING. Let’s be honest, that’s the real reason behind the move…….

What’s your set-up over there currently?
Initially I’ve been mostly freelancing out of a number of studios around LA. I also have a production room where I am doing writing and mixing. Most music here is made with a laptop & everyone’s setup tends to be very mobile, a studio can be wherever you happen to be.

Have you completed any exciting work since you landed there?
I’ve been working with two amazing producers, John Hill (BANKS, Florence + the Machine, Santigold, MIA) and Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, Health, Matt & Kim) and I’m learning so much every day we spend in the studio together. Writing is also a big thing here and I am really enjoying working with bunch of writers and artists on song inception and helping to shape things from the ground up.

What’s your proudest work moment of the last six months or so?
I’m really proud of my work with WAAX. Making their EP was such a process of growth for their band. We tried lots of new things in the studio and they were amazingly open with new ideas and totally fearless creatively, as a producer you can’t ask for any more than that.

I’m also pretty psyched for Jeremy Neale to start releasing some new music we’ve been working on together for the last 18 months.
What work of yours is out and about and firing in the real world right now?
The WAAX EP just came out and I have also been working with a really exciting new artist called Royal & The Southern Echo who has some new music out.

Name-dropping moment, after all you are living in the city of angels – what’s the biggest name you’ve managed to rub shoulders with?
My ‘fanboy’ moments usually occur in the food world so it would have to be meeting Roy Choi, look him up!!!! 

Have a listen to Miro’s selected works at the link below and consider him for your next mixing or production job. He has angled himself into a position where he can travel to virtually anywhere in the world for the right project.