By August 15, 2017


Captivating Melbourne two-piece SAATSUMA share more of their brimming reserve with the announcement of an impressive debut album, Overflow, set for release September 1st. Shimmering alongside is the news of an album launch and a lunar inspired single from the record, ‘Crescent’ which received a first spin with Zan Rowe on triple j Sunday night and premiered online via Red Bull Music yesterday. 

An enigmatic electronic duo composed of Memphis Kelly and Cesar RodriguesSAATSUMA‘s latest offering shines a light on their pair’s production and lyrical dexterity. Combining trademark smouldering vocals, infectious beats, warped synth and throbbing bass with entrancing melancholy, their latest single, ‘Crescent‘ represents the new and future SAATSUMA.



The track reflects on the impact of the moon on human behaviour. Vocalist Memphis Kelly says ‘Crescent’ gives light to “Our deep connection to the land that we’re often so unaware of…We’re often so resistant to work on and better ourselves, that we ultimately miss out on exploring this deeper sense of belonging, wholeness and true self-awareness,” she says.

SAATSUMA also announce the release of their debut album, Overflowwhich sees the duo emerge with a cultivated sound well beyond their years. SAATSUMA’s debut follows the success of 2016 releases ‘Floating’ and ‘Storm’ – the former finding itself on triple j rotation and gaining the duo recognition for their unique soundscapes and electronic production. Written and produced by Memphis and Cesar, mixed by Dream Kit (Declan Kelly) and mastered by Lachlan CarrickOverflow is a vessel filled to the brim. Named Overflow in continuity of a motif that runs throughout their body of work, Memphis Kelly says, “‘Overflow continues the recurring theme of water, following on from our debut singles Storm and Floating. Water has always been present in my songwriting – it’s an element I am constantly drawn back to…Our connection to and interaction with the natural environment. The fragility and fluctuation of relationships,” she says. It’s a nine track float on an imaginary SAATSUMA stream; from the comedown of ‘Feel It All’; drifting to a rejection of ignorance,  ‘Isolate’; floating toward a notion of wanting what you can’t have, ‘Stay’ and pull of the moon, ‘Crescent’.

On stage, SAATSUMA are a five-piece live act, fronted by Memphis Kelly and joined by Cesar Rodrigues, Maddy Kelly, Lachlan Stuckey and Andrew Congues. Making their mark at BIGSOUND 2016, SAATSUMA have since played on line ups for ParadiseThe Hills Are Alive, and St Kilda Festival, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Dorsal FinsThelma PlumOlympiaVera BlueYeo and PNAU. SAATSUMA bring their overwhelming live show to Northcote Social Club in Melbourne next month for their Overflow album launch.

Single ‘Crescent’ is OUT NOW. SAATSUMA’s debut album Overflow is released independently Friday 1 September.


SAT SEPT 23 | Northcote Social Club | Melbourne
w/ Squidgenini, MinorFauna, & DJ Dee Luscious




“The warpy, electronic soundscape radiates both warm and desolate colours, assembling a sonic palette of semi-human, post apocalyptic ambiences.”
Purple Sneakers

“[Memphis] stands for equality, creativity, and supporting the community that supports her”

“There is nothing but praise for the electronic duo”
The Ripe

“SAATSUMA [bring] the pre-party vibes with their slow-burning, warpy electronic soundscapes and distorted

Howl & Echoes