By April 11, 2018

Sydney-sider and multi-instrumentalist Leroy Francis returns with new heart-smasher, ‘Intoxicated Dreams’ accompanied by a mesmeric music video shot in Shibuya, Tokyo. Premiering via The Line of Best Fit overnight, ‘Intoxicated Dreams’ is the third track from Francis’ upcoming self-titled debut EP, out Friday May 4th. 

A sweetly mournful ballad filtered through Francis’ romantic, rose-coloured sieve, ‘Intoxicated Dreams‘ documents the repetition of crippling loneliness like a skipping record, the isolation felt during a long ride home after a glorious, drunken night out. Created by the dynamic creative team comprised of director Tim Nathan, cinematographer Ed Triglone and producers Morgan Taylor &Seiya Taguchi, the video was inspired by a mood-reel produced by Leroy Francis, laid against a neon Shibuya landscape. Vivid, kaleidoscopic glimpses of Shibuya nightlife and its fleeting characters only serve to amplify Francis’ loneliness against his hyper-colour surroundings. In Leroy’s words, “I always wanted a song that soundtracks the end of a really big night when you are in a cab (always alone) and all the lights are running across the windows. Feeling completely out of place – lost -foreign”. 

‘Intoxicated Dreams’ allows listeners another gentle step further into the multi-faceted world created by previous tracks ‘Carry Me‘ and ‘Going Steady‘, and the last ahead of the release of forthcoming debut self-titled EP before its release on May 4th. Performed entirely by Francis, recorded by David Tolomai (Beach House, Future Islands) and produced by Dean Tuza (Mossy, Stella Donnelly), the EP’s six tracks hit like a simultaneous kiss on the cheek and punch to the gut. Travelling through themes of love and lust, raucous guitar and propulsive beats are led by Francis’ dreamy vocals that ring like honey coated gravel. At first light, ‘Comatose’ kicks off proceedings with a relentless and syncopated krautrock hypno-rhythm and guitars that screech and squeal in the distance. Francis proves he is a glutton for punishment in thumper ‘Carry Me’, a rambunctious and beer-skolling house party anthem and emerges shy and wistful in ‘Going Steady’. Penultimate neo-psychedelic heartbreaker, ‘Intoxicated Dreams’ is a desperate depiction of a doomed love and in the EP’s autobiographical closer, ‘Sleeping Ain’t Easy’, a delirious Francis takes us under the sheets with a sex-laden and almost whispered croon like a punch-drunk Elvis.

‘Intoxicated Dreams’ is OUT NOW. Leroy Francis’ debut EP is out Friday May 4th via World State Recordings.

Leroy Francis



”’Intoxicated Dreams’ is a hallucinogenic hotpot that’s full of wonder’
– Line of Best Fit 

‘Sounds like garage-rock glory’

‘Carry Me finds a balance between a gritty garage rock track with some post-punk sensibilities, today’s Juice also possesses some subtle, more saccharine undertones that seep out between the strings of Francis’ whiney but vibrant melodic guitar.’ 
– Freshly Squeezed, I OH YOU

‘Newcomer Leroy Francis sounds like a hypo-tonic Ariel Pink rolling around in gravel.’
– STACK Magazine