Jeremy Neale Announces debut album Getting The Team Back Together Shares new single Dancin’ & Romancin’

By September 15, 2017

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After the better part of a decade in the biz, Jeremy Neale has announced his debut solo album Getting The Team Back Together will be released Friday 3 November via Dot Dash / Remote Control. To celebrate, he’s dropped the video for first single Dancin’ & Romancin’. Check it below.

As Jeremy says of the track: “Dancin’ & Romancin’ is about how hard it can be to maintain a relationship when you and your partner have very different working schedules. When the stars eventually align and you both get a night off together however, it’s a wonderful reunion and the trials in between are quickly forgotten. The genesis of the track was slower and resembled something much closer to a Sam Cooke track. Everything changed when the main hook came along and now here it is, the feel good song of the Summer, on the last day of Winter. Timing is everything. Ish.”

“The video was directed by the talented Jennifer Embelton. I met with my friend James Frostick and he told me of his brilliant plan to record the new single, live and in one take, at The Plutonium in Brisbane. As soon as we started playing the song he was fielding calls from industry power players and we were rollin’ in cash and adoring fans.”

Jeremy Neale is no stranger to writing a hit song. As front man for Brisbane’s garage-rock posse Velociraptor, Jeremy has been fashioning raucous and rambunctious records with relentless vigour. Regardless of his seasoned status as a performer, a debut full-length album is still an intimidating prospect – especially when it’s only your name on the cover.

Getting The Team Back Together is a collection of stellar tracks assembled during a period of restless rumination and self-analysis – a record of unassailable power pop that documents growth, love, doubt and the eternal pursuit of happiness. Each track by itself is exemplary, but as a whole each song supports the other. Like friends. Like a team. Getting one’s team together could refer to working on the self to build a contented whole, or it could mean seeking friends that will have your back through thick and thin. Regardless of your situation, Jeremy’s got your back and when you need him – he’s on your team and believes in you.

If you’ve got a place in your house where you can air guitar in private or if you like to sing along on long drives, this is the album for you. Jeremy Neale is making the music he was born to create, without hesitation, without doubt and without regrets.

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Jeremy Neale – Dancin’ & Romancin’
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Getting The Team Back Together
1. Averse To Try It
2. Bad Company
3. Small Talk
4. All My Life
5. Dancin’ & Romancin’
6. The Heartbeat Of Life
7. Video
8. Loose Cannon
9. No Fun
10. Walk The Walk
11. Light My Way

Jeremy Neale – Getting The Team Back Together is out Friday 3 November via Dot Dash / Remote Control