By November 20, 2017

Australia, meet your new obsession LUI HILL with his debut single and video for ‘5000 MILES.’

Travelling the world as a teenager with his father, instilled a gratitude in LUI HILL for exploring the globe. “He taught me how necessary travel is,” HILL elaborates. “It helps you understand how beautiful and varied this world is, and its occupants and cultures. It helps you stay flexible and open-minded, and to get a different, more focused view about what we have and what we lack.” Such an outlook won’t come as a surprise to anyone listening to HILL’s debut: ideas of movement and distance are red threads running throughout. Even its title, ‘5000 MILES‘, portrays this. Journeys of multiple kinds lie at its very heart.

A vital one, is the journey upon which he takes his listeners. ‘5000 MILES’– like the forthcoming album – features richly textured, immaculately conceived electronic soul that displays a rare accomplishment and mature depth. At once raw and polished, it reflects Hill’s own experiences, encapsulating his exploratory instincts and subtly, even subconsciously, exploiting his influences, from Stevie Wonder to Frank Ocean, from George Clinton to Childish Gambino. It also boasts such sincerity that one hesitates to refer to its creator as a producer. The word is suggestive of mechanical fabrication, while HILL’s voice – simultaneously husky and smooth, boasting a singular strength in its upper reaches – exudes pain, pleasure, suffering and relief. Most evident of all, though, is wisdom, learned from being forced to confront these emotions.

It was while HILL was in Cape Town that he first met Tobias Herder of Germany’s Filter Music Group, who’d flown there to sign another act. Herder, who discovered Milky Chance, returned instead with HILL’s signature, and the singer is now ready to share his world with the release of his debut single, accompanied by a striking video which presents another side to his universe, one equally singular and similarly compelling. So now, finally, you can explore HILL’s world by joining him for ‘5000 MILES‘. Just as he once did with his father, you’ll learn a lot along the way.