TIMOTHY CARROLLMELBOURNE SHOWS Finally Melbourne music lovers will get a chance to experience what Brisbane audiences have been selfishly treated to for some time when Brisbane-based troubadour… Read More

Ball Park MusicLaunch Album this week

‘Rolling on the floor, Laughing ourselves to sleep’ Ball Park Music – Album Launch – This Week Thursday – April 30th @ The Troubadour, Brisbane This Thursday night the kids from Ball Park Music will hit… Read More

Spilt Milk Goes Digital Worldwide

Spilt Milk Goes Digital Worldwide After much anticipation from long-awaiting music lovers, Tara Simmons unleashed her debut album Spilt Milk to a reception of glowing… Read More

The United TourDates Announced In an innovative move that will see five of the country’s hottest emerging musicians join together for a nationwide jaunt, the United Tour has been designed with a… Read More

Edward GuglielminoOn the Move Following on from many a glowing review pouring in for his enigmatic new album, Late At Night, Ed G has decided to once again… Read More

Still Hungry?

Following on from thier SOLD OUT show at the Troubadour Thursday night, Hungry Kids of Hungary will make an afternoon appearence at a FREE and ALL AGES event this Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm when they join… Read More

Drawn From Bees Launch Second EP in Six Months Brisbane art-rockers Drawn from Bees have set themselves the arduous task of writing, recording and releasing a new batch of music… Read More

Blame Ringo – Garble Arch

Here is the debut video for Brisbane’s Blame Ringo. The video features a day in the life of the notorious Abbey Road in London.  40 years after the Beatles famously used the crossing for their Abbey Road album, the road… Read More

Brisbane's Best Kept Secrets

Ball Park Music | Blame Ringo | Chloe Turner Thursday, February 19 @ The Troubadour This week The Troubadour’s Thursday night line-up features a trio of Brisbane’s finest emerging artists… ~~ Ball Park Music… Read More

Need a date for Valentine's Day?

After a year in the making, Brisbane’s Tara Simmons is ready to launch her debut album Spilt Milk. And she will do so in style and most romantically this very Saturday night, February 14 – Valentine’s… Read More

The Late Show Returns

‘THE LATE SHOW’ RETURNS TO THE TROUBADOUR This week will also feature the return of ‘The Late Show’ to The Troubadour with a 1am session being added… Read More

Spilling Milk

TARA SIMMONS LAUNCHES ‘SPILT MILK’ Yes, we’ve been talking about it for a while now – the launch of Tara Simmons’ debut album… Read More