November 20th, 2015



1. Bring a tent

…and all of its component parts. This may seem obvious, but don’t leave it to
chance or you may end up with something like this:

2. Remember where you put your tent

…or make it clearly identifiable. While some tents may have individual names
and personalities, many look very similar and by making sure you know yours
well enough before you climb into it, you avoid the awkwardness of climbing into
the wrong tent and being chased out by an angry man with (for some reason) a
stick (seriously, why would you bring a stick into your tent man?).

3. Don’t gaffer tape things to your body

I know security searches are intimidating, but resorting to hiding things on your
body isn’t going to yield the most comfortable results under the circumstance
when your car breaks down and you have to push it with the help of a kind
policeman whilst simultaneously trying to conceal the hip flask taped to your
inner thigh and dealing with the pain of the tape yanking at your leg hair.

4. Patrón XO is a bad choice

If you’re bringing your own alcohol (which officially we can’t encourage, but it
happens, so…) then Patrón XO smuggled in a metal drink bottle isn’t the way to
go. That shit doesn’t stand up well to heat and taking shots from the bottle will
result in spew, lots of spew (pro tip: don’t do this minutes before going on stage
for a performance…)

5. Do your own thing

There are no rules (except don’t be a dick to other people) so do what you want
and make your own festival experience. Here’s probably the only really good
point of this piece: see some bands. See the bands you want to see, and some
others because you never know what might be a surprise highlight. Don’t let
other people decide what bands you see, if there’s an act you want to see but
your friends don’t then just go. You’ll find your friends again, or make new ones
that like the same music as you – it’s a festival, there’s no short supply of friends.
It’s basically fifteen thousand people all paying to hang out with you for a few
nights in a field, so don’t get stuck being bored at your campsite while your
friends eat goulburn valley fruit snacks and clean up the creamy pasta they
spilled all through their eski, go off and enjoy the music and help make the party.

You can still nab yourself tickets to Falls Marion Bay over here and Byron Bay over here


November 20th, 2015

The eleventh month of the year is a time of manly upper lip hair thanks to the good cause of Movember. To celebrate we asked this months Pesci’s headliners and all round rocking fellas APES to provide us with their top five fave upper lip displays in the music industry. So grab your moustache wax, settle in and marvel at the best facial hair that music has to offer.

Freddie Mercury – Queen

A total classic moustache from a classic musician, this soup strainer paved the way for facial hair everywhere.

When compiling a list such as this its best to go with the gut! What springs to mind similar to a word association game when I’m asked “best moustache ?” Is this first dapper Englishman.
I don’t even have to think the connection between “Music” and “Moustache” before this guy pops straight into my mind, all I need to is “facial hair” If I see someone down the street with a hair on their face I straight away unfairly compare it from a “0 to Freddie Mercury” Ladies and gents, your first Mo goes to….


Derek Smalls – Spinal Tap

This second legend is immortalised in pop culture history forever and this moustache will echo in the pages of rock n roll mythology for decades to come. Possibly the greatest tongue in cheek, satire stash that every graced the silver screen. Harry Shearer, or better known as “Derek Smalls” in Spinal Tap, gave us many laughs in the greatest rockumentary ever seen! With his dimwittedness and humbling facial hair, Derek Smalls was ahead of his time and did a lot for the moustache aficionado’s of the time.

Derek Smalls

Lemmy – Motorhead

Look at that majestic hair blowing in the wind. The perfect accompaniment to that beautiful mutton chop masterpiece.

Clearly the source of inspiration for the above legend, this next guy’s legacy could arguably be as important as the moustache he represented. It’s very rare a man’s legacy is so closely tied to the moustache he chose to don but Lemmy’s facial hair is almost as important to the metal community as the ever so deep Motorhead discography.
It’s symbolic in nature and completely flattering and as a result should be an addition in ALLLLLLLLL moustache lists, ever created. Lemmy’s moustache represents the hedonistic lifestyle and raw, unhinged dirty rock n roll speed metal that he and his band of bro’s are known for.


Harry Shearer – Spinal Tap

Another sideburn to moustache masterpiece, the added bass face makes this ‘stache that little bit sweeter.


Frankie Poullian – The Darkness

It takes courage to pair a mo’ with a fro’ but in Frankie’s case it just bloody works.

Urban Dictionary defines this next guy as “The One Great Scottish Bass Warrior, A man of Incredible talent, wit & Charm” I can say first hand I’ve been lucky enough to meet this next moustache soldier and he was as charming as his moustache was amazing. Let that thing purr and rock on Frankie!

Jesse Hughes – Eagles of Death Metal

Q. What’s more authoritative than a mo’ and some aviators?

A. Jesse Hughes in a mo’ and some aviators.

Ok Ok we’ve paid our respects to the throwback stash’s of the 70’s and 80’s, but now let’s get to arguably the most courageous, bodacious, fun time loving rock n roll stash of the 2000s, my man, Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes.
It’s very hard to out bro Josh Homme and no disrespect! But the other half of Californian rock n roll legends singlehandedly bleeds more testosterone and badassnes than the 3 bikie gangs combined. Well done Boots! Peace, Love & Moustaches.

You can grab tickets to Pesci’s extra special Movember edition featuring APES, Baskervillian and Blonde on Blonde over here.



October 30th, 2015


“This girl could take her musical direction anywhere she pleases and we’ll be right

there alongside her for the ride.” V Music


“This makes me think of what would happen if you put Florence, Lorde and Lana Del Ray in a room together!” KLP, triple j


AYLA might be musing on the end of the world, but she very well could be on her way to ruling it. Her debut EP (named for its most recent single ‘When The World Ends’) arrives next Friday 6 November.


At just 19, AYLA is a true wunderkind and has spent the past year and a half relentlessly kicking goals. She burst onto the scene in 2014 with ‘Wish I Was’, which wound up as triple j’s 15th most played track of that year, the most by a solo female.


Her sophisticated, dramatic brand of indie-pop propelled her straight onto stages shared with the likes of Husky, The John Steel Singers and ASTA. Garnering praise from fans and industry folk alike along the way, AYLA also signed to Italian record label Ego (Emma Louise, The Jezabels). Her follow-up single ‘Waiting’ remains firmly on the airwaves and most recent offering ‘When The World Ends’, which premiered on Rolling Stone, has also been spun on the national youth broadcaster.


With a hat-trick of successful singles under her belt, AYLA is now ready to unleash her debut EP upon the eager ears of the nation. The cinematic five track debut features themes of sweetness, cynicism, heartbreak, angst, and loneliness – all repainted with a whimsical sense of sophistication and intrigue.


Friday November 6 also marks the first date of AYLA’s three-date ‘When The World Ends’ Tour, kicking off at Brighton Up Bar in Sydney. Tune in, get lost in her world, and you’ll know that this is only the beginning.



September 3rd, 2015

fmkb_1_221There is a folk lore that anything you could every want in Fortitude Valley is just a wish away. Now this may sound like we made it up (mostly because we just made it up) but we tell you no lies when we say that the Valley holds the key to all BIGSOUND delights musical, culinary and beyond.

You’re going to need something to keep those peepers open for three days and your number one coffee destination should be Foundry Records. Just a short toddle down from Judith Wright Centre the freshly opened Foundry Records is ready to cater to all your needs from caffeine to newly pressed vinyl. Also, in case you missed it before they’re also offering free coffee to all BIGSOUND delegates.

Now, we don’t condoning drinking to excess but when the damage is done y’all gonna need something to soak up that monster hangover. Enter The Flying Cock, which is not only a bang up music venue but they are also purveyors of some of the finest comfort food Brisbane has to offer. Think bacon cheeseburgers, think Buffalo wings, think Doritos fried chicken. Yes, you read that right. Doritos fried chicken. We’ll give you a second to wipe up your drool.


Doughnuts have officially taken hold of Brisbane and we for one are happy to bow down to our fried, sugary masters. Doughnut Time over on Alfred St will tantalise you with their Nutella filled monstrosities while Donut Boyz will have you Instagram ready with their injectable creations.


If you like drinkables with your eatables then look no further than the newest bar/restaurant hybrids scattered along the Valley.  LONg TIME is your go to for the best curry and beer combo out, Bao Down Now is so much more than just a delightful pun and Heya Bar is the home of the best cocktails and the Cheeseburger Spring Roll.

Just remember, Mucho Bravado takes no responsibility for any weight gained during the course of BIGSOUND 2015.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of BIGSOUND 2015

September 2nd, 2015

BS2015It’s that time of year again! Music minded people from far and wide descend on the humble streets of Fortitude Valley to wreak havoc all in the name of the music that we love so much. However, the intricacies of BIGSOUND can be a tricky beast to get around but never fear because Mucho Bravado is here for you. Take a seat, put on your learning glasses and take heed of our BIGSOUND do’s and don’ts.

Do Plan Your Days

So we know you’ve already planned what artists you’re seeing at the live portion of proceedings but we’re talking about getting right up in the planning’s face. If you are an aspiring artist, producer, journalist or someone that wants to make music their bread and butter then BIGSOUND can be one of the best places to get your foot in the door (or more likely get business card in the hand). Scour the delegates list online for the people you want to meet and then just accidentally on purpose strike up a totally lackadaisical conversation with them. Before you know it you’re a world famous artist/producer/journalist living it up on your private yacht with your beautiful partner.*

BS outside


Don’t Be A Fangirl

Take our last piece of advice with a grain of salt because as great as it is to go collect those delegates like the rare pokemon they are, nobody likes to be hounded. Be proactive but don’t be overbearing because all that will get you is a one way ticket to the crazy file in the delegates brain rolodex.  The same goes with any artists that you might bump into on your journey. Telling them that you really dug their last EP is acceptable but letting them know about the shrine you have in your closet… Not so much. When in doubt all you gotta do it make like Ice Cube and be cool.

Do See Things That You’ve Never Seen Before

No, we’re not talking about witnessing the lead singer of your favourite band spew in a Brunswick Street gutter. We’re talking about soaking up all the music that you’ve never heard of before. If you’re tossing up between mooching off for a late night kebab or catching that artist with only consonants in their name then just remember what you’re there for. Musical discovery is the name of the game y’all.

Don’t Indulge Too Much

For three glorious days the Valley will be free flowing with what we liken to liquid courage, much of which is yours without even having to touch your wallet. However, if you take only one piece of advice away from this article, let it be this: pace yourself!  You don’t want to be bent over a toilet bowl instead of sitting pretty listening to Peter Garett talk while silently pleading for him to break out those sweet as dance moves.


Do Milk It For All Its Worth

Whether you dropped four hundred dollerydoo’s on a full conference pass or a shifty $45 on a one day live ticket you have to make the most of what you got. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears on stalk mode for any free food, free merch or free music that’s going around town. Just remember to always say yes to everything, except sleazy old men that don’t have delegate passes trying to sign you to their “promo label”.

Don’t Forget That It Is A Festival

This means that all of the usual festival conditions apply; stay hydrated, seek shade, wear sunscreen and putting a lil’ bit of a snack in your bag is always a good idea. We want you to have the most prosperous and successful BIGSOUND experience possible and that means not passing out from dehydration or hunger.



*Mucho Bravado cannot guarantee any yachts or beautiful model partners.


August 13th, 2015


This. Record. Is. Fantastic!!! Everyone talks about Western Australia and Tame Impala, but everyone should be talking about Western Australia. I love Tame Impala, don’t get me wrong there, but this lo-fi, sleazy, washed-out and psyche affair is so awesome from start to finish. If I had to do a top five list for 2015 right now, this would easily be on it – it’s definitely one of the year’s best.


Take a risk, if you don’t know it and buy a copy.

- Shannon Logan (Jet Black Cat Music)