3 Minutes and 52 Seconds with Step-Panther

By intern October 4, 2012

In the midst of a European tour, Sydney shredders Step-Panther took a quick plane ride over to Berlin to spend some time with Simon Berkfinger (ex-Philadelphia Grand Jury) to record some tracks. Now back in Australia, the trio are gearing up to head off around the country to drop their latest single ‘Maybe Later’ – which you can stream on Soundcloud.  They’ll be headlining Oh Hello in Brisbane on Thursday 18 October – for other dates, check their Facebook.

Bass player José Novoselic took time out from chillaxing to spend 3 minutes and 52 seconds with us.

Who? José Novoselic.  What do you do?  Work for the man.  City you call home? Dicksville.  The best thing about being you right now?  The huge amount of Weetbix I have at home.  Tea or coffee? Both at once.  Life changing record?  Usain Bolt’s 100m at the 2012 Olympics.  Dream collaboration? John Frusciante.  What inspires you? Scenic photos.  If not playing a gig where can we find you? At home watching Big Brother.  I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison? VB.  Best record right now? Pear Shape’s EP.  One song to guarantee a private car sing-along?  Van Halen: ‘Jump’. Childhood crush?  The entire cast of Party Of Five.  Coolest person you’ve ever met? Steve.  Roulette, cards, pokies – red or black? Black.  Which band would you die to play for, if not your own? A side project.  Favourite, quirky possession? Dildos.  Scrunch or fold? Chew.  Guilty pleasure? Shaving my balls.  First gig? Hopetoun RIP. First record? Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magic.  There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing? Dinosaur Jr, Yuck, Metallica, Tom Petty, Sabbath.  Tell us one odd thing we don’t know?  Midgets don’t dream.  Two minute noodles, Mac & Cheese or baked beans on toast? Beans on toast.  Worst. Movie. Ever? Any drama film ever made.  You and the other half are breaking up, which one record do you fight for? They’re all mine!!  It’s Christmas Eve – Die Hard or Home Alone? Die Hard.  What’s on your rider? VB, Bundy and Coke.  Most diva-like demand? Sandwiches.  Most embarrassing stage moment? None yet.  The world’s ending and Denzel Washington is nowhere in sight – what do you do? Chillax.  Favourite cafe anywhere? One with green eggs and ham.  If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be? Squidward.  Favourite shower croon? Anything.  When I grow up, I want to be….? Shorter.  Song most likely to get you onto the dance floor? Chromeo: ‘So Gangsta’.  Favourite composition of your own? Bodily noises.  One apprehension about your album? None now.  What are you doing after answering these questions?  Going back to working for the man. Earliest musical memory? Uke for my first Christmas.  Favourite instrument / piece of equipment? My guitar. LOLZ.