3 Minutes and 52 Seconds with Asta

By intern November 26, 2012

As the winner of this year’s Triple J Unearthed High competition, Asta sure has a promising career ahead of her. In the months that have passed since her crowning, she’s supported Angus Stone and played Hobart’s Soundscape festival and now she’s closing out the year playing Pyramid Rock. Not bad for someone who’s just finished high school! Check out her tunes on Unearthed HERE and watch the film clip for her single ‘My Heart is on Fire’ HERE.

Asta recently took time out from doing yoga and baking biscuits to answer some questions for us.

Who? Asta.  What do you do? Write, perform, and deliver.  City you call home? Hobart, Tasmania.  The best thing about being you right now? Being me, completely me. Happy.  Tea or coffee? Tea for the brain, coffee for the heart. I take both.  Life changing record? The Eurythmics: Greatest HitsEarliest musical memory? Singing to a dark audience in my favourite rainbow skirt.  Favourite instrument / piece of equipment? Bass.  Dream collaboration? Bon Iver. Please?  What inspires you? Being in uncomfortable situations.  If not playing a gig where can we find you? In a 40-degree room doing yoga moves.  I’m buying drinks, what’s your poison? Red, red wine. Pinot.  Best record right now? Cat Power: Sun.  Childhood crush? Levi. You broke my heart.  Coolest person you’ve ever met? The whole Triple J family.  Roulette, cards, pokies – red or black? I like a solid game of “go fish”.  Which band would you die to play for, if not your own? Nick Cave.  Favourite, quirky possession? You will have to come into my room. Too many to name.  Scrunch or fold? Fold.  Guilty pleasure? I’m a coconut water addict. About five empty cans in my car at the moment. There’s a mini, five-band festival at yours, who’s playing? Ben Harper, Annie Lennox, Portishead, Lykke Li and Cat Stevens.  Tell us one odd thing we don’t know? I put mascara in my eyebrows. Secret’s out.  Two minute noodles, Mac & Cheese or baked beans on toast? Baked beans. I’m a protein monster.  Worst. Movie. Ever? That’s hard. I really don’t put effort into watching any movies or TV.  You and the other half are breaking up, which one record do you fight for? My Heart. Is on Fire. Most likely.  What’s on your rider? Water. Room temperature. I am easy to please.  Most embarrassing stage moment? I have been lucky so far.  Favourite cafe anywhere? The Lotus Eaters way down south in my quiet little hometown. It’s world class. If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be? None. Never got into cartoons.  Favourite shower croon? Adele.  When I grow up, I want to be….? A performer. Always creative.  Favourite composition of your own? ‘Escape’.  What are you doing after answering these questions? Checking my ginger biscuits in the oven, then rehearsing for a festival.